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There are a lot of links I could put for more information on video games and their history. But my two favorite ones was done by Gamespot and PBSWikipedia has combined history of video games and the game consoles’ histories. If you just want to focus on the consoles themselves there is a great history of them here. Above in the time line I put the link for the Google tribute to Pac-Man. If you did not see or notice it before, click on ‘Pac-Man’. Infoplease has a very extensive time of video games. It gives plenty of information. Designboom has some good information on video games too. 

The Washington Post has a great article on the military and video games. There is also one on CNN

To look at news articles for the future of video games, go to CNN, USA Today, and Forbes. For more information on cloud computing look at the CNN article above and at a document provided by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). 

Also, look at the official site for the Wii and the XBOX 360 Kinect for more information about motion sensing gaming. Digital Trends also gives an insight to the kinect system. Here is an interesting YouTube video on another possible future for gaming.

To get more information on World of Warcraft, visit their official site. Also, there is a EU verison of the website along with a WoW insider website. To look at Doom, go to id Software's official site for the game. There is also information about all of the Doom games ever made. IMDB (internet movie database) also has information as to who does the voices for all the characters in the game. For Age of Empires, visit the game's official site or the official site for the developerComputers and video games has an article on cross-platform online gaming. There are plenty of sites to play bowser games, however, the ones that I use the most are shockwave, Facebook, Real Arcade and Yahoo! Games. Also, if anyone has an interest to play Star Fever Agency, visit the official website

PBS has an essay done by a MIT professor on video game violence and its effects. CNN and The Telegraph also have article in favor of the theory that video games attribute to violence. MSNBC and The Associated Press also have articles that are good to look at.