Nov 16, 2010

The Future of Video Games

Video Games of Tomorrow 

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Since the creation of the Wii back in 2006, more and more video games are now utilizing the new technology that puts the players into the game. How? The game controllers now use motion sensing technology that will make a certain action happen when the player does a motion similar to it. With this new level of playing, it will lessen how much people sit on their couches, and deepen the gaming experience.

These new games and game systems will also lessen how complicated the controllers are. Currently, a game controller may have at least ten buttons. The newer controllers would have maybe five or less buttons. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how the XBOX 360 Kinect works. 
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newer game controllers
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Benefits of the New Game Technology

As mentioned earlier, the new video games, game systems and game controller will make game a more real-life experience. In addition to fewer buttons on game controllers and motion sensing technology, the game variety will be greater. Not only can a player be a guitarist, but now they can be a professional skate boarder, a player of a sports team and even a dancer, just to name a few.

The games will also add a health benefit to all who play. Games like Wii Fit and EA Sports Active now make exercising more fun. Instead of just going on the treadmill, bike riding or even going for a walk, players can do activities that are physically helpful and fun. It also eliminates going to the gym. The gym would be at home. Another thing about the fitness games are they provide a variety of activities to do. Almost all exercise types can be done from cardio to yoga.  
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Cloud Computing

Another possible future agent for video games is cloud computing. Cloud computing uses shared networking to connect devices such as game consoles, computers, television and even cell phones. By using this technology a game could be played just about anywhere. This is a great thing to make game more available to people who may not have a game console or for someone who is always on the go and is barely at home.

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The future of video game currently seems unlimited. In ten years or so all games and game consoles may be motion sensitive. Video games may also help America's obesity problem. Also, video games could even help connect the whole world together. With the many advancements being made almost daily, who knows what is up ahead.