Nov 12, 2010

Video Game and its Impact

Video Games and Society

Video games no longer serve a purpose for simple entertainment. They are now used to teach kids how to do math, read and write. They also can teach languages. They also help bring families together. Video games also have expanded to now help people quit addicting habits such as smoking. 
Language Game for anyone.
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Video games used to stop addiction,
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Elementary School-aged children playing Vtech, an educational video game.
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But video games have become bigger than that. With the new technology of putting the players into the game, video games have also become the way to exercise. Instead of going to the gym, people now can stay at home and do activities on their respective console. 

Wii Sports, one of the first games that actually require movement from the person playing.
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Video games have also taken over the music industry. Games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band allow the players to not only act as if they are in the band, but also to be exposed to different kinds of music. In fact, Guitar Hero 3 included a bonus track that came from France.

Rock Band game logo
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Another great expansion in video games is the ability to connect with others around the world. Game systems have now included networks that allow the players to connect with friends and others who play the same games or even have the same system. The Wii , for example has a thing called 'channels'. Wii owners can create avatars called 'Miis' and share them with other players. They can also vote on opinions, or even chat with their consoles. 

Various Wii channels used to connect players.
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Other examples of 'networks' can be found here (other links can be found on the same page).